Is there an event coming up that the membership should hear about? Some change at the lodge that everyone needs to hear about? Want to share details or photos about an amazing event or fundraiser? Recognize something our members or lodge has done to help the community? We can help!

Our crack team of volunteers manage our various communications channels to help get the word out. Below are our various channels, as well as their owners.

  • Monthly Lodge Bulletin – Sue Frantz, Editor

  • MyElks App – Juliane Petersen, Primary App Manager

  • HillsboroElksLodge1862.org – Matt Petersen, Webmaster

  • Elks.org Virtual Home Page – Matt Petersen, Cyber-Assistant

  • Facebook – Content Managers: Cindy Rhoads, Troy Ceballos, Matt Petersen

  • In Lodge TV Screens – Matt Petersen

MyElks App

  • Maintained by Juliane and Matt Petersen
  • Up to date calendar
  • Events and Activities Notifications
  • Push Notifications for Urgent Situations

How to get content on MyElks?

Lodge TV Screens

Monthly Lodge Bulletin


  • Managed by several officers and PR2
  • Calendar is uploaded monthly, pinned to top
  • Upcoming events are regularly promoted on Facebook
  • Food and Beverage specials will usually be posted before and as they are happening
  • Photos and recaps of major events are usually posted to Facebook during or soon after the event.
  • Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/HillsboroElksLodge
  • To request to have something shared or corrected on the page, reach out to Cindy Rhoads or Matt Petersen


  • Elks.org (national site) hosts a Virtual Home Page with basic information. Managed by Secretary Pam Fuentes and PR2
  • This site, https://hillsboroelkslodge1862.org hosts more detailed information, links and key details.  Managed by Matt Petersen (PR2)
  • Updates are less frequent than MyElks App or Facebook, but contain more stable information and resources.
  • Calendar is uploaded monthly, shared as an image (same as Facebook)
  • Pages for key programs, initiatives and events maintained here.
  • To request to have something shared or corrected on the sites, reach out Matt Petersen