May 11, 2023 Meeting

At the May 11, 2023 meeting, the lodge membership will be voting on transferring money from the investment fund to the lodge general fund for funding lodge operations. Please come and vote on this important item. Thank you. 

Board of Directors Information
March 22, 2023

Queen of Hearts:  The Board will be supporting the creation of an ongoing Queen of Hearts raffle.  Planning and implementation of the event is being done by Lodge members; look for it in the near future.

Chamber of Commerce: Joining the Chamber of Commerce is being investigated by a board member.  The advantages of being a member of the chamber will be reported to the board in the near future.

Quarterly dinner:  Having a quarterly dinner for new members is being considered as a way to establish comradery, relay Lodge information, and encourage participation in Lodge activities.

March 4, 2023

Proposed By-Law Amendment
Article V: Elective Officers and Duties: section 4 of the Secretary
In part reads: For the faithful performance of his duties he shall receive as compensation $17,000.00 per annum, payable twice per month. To be amended to read: For the faithful performance of his duties he shall receive Oregon minimum wage as required by the Bureau of Labor and Industry Law, payable tice per month. Bob Cox seconded the motion. This motion will be voted on at the regular Lodge meeting on March 16, 2023.

Officer Installation
The 2023-2024 officer elects who will be installed March 30, 2023, at our regularly scheduled Lodge meeting and it is opened to friends and family. They are: Exalted Ruler Troy Ceballos, Leading Knight Cathy Kingery, Loyal Knight Dawn Palmer, Lecturing Knight Henry Merlitti, Secretary Pam Fuentes, Lodge Treasurer Rilla Zaccone, 5-year Trustee Jim Plank, Tiler Orlando Fuentes, Organist Matt Neill, Inner Guard Scott Reed, Chaplin Garry Poff, Assistant Chaplin Ken Edwards, Esquire Jim Schaaf, Electrician Bryan Wright, Assistant Electrician Teresa Greeno and our Alternate.